U. S. Air Force

U. S. Army

Thomas W. Absher CPL US Army
Elmer L. Allen PFC US Army
James Allen PV2 US Army
Clifton E. Allison CPL US Army
Boyd Allred CPL US Army
James E. Allred CPL US Army
Ira Alston PFC US Army
Nathan O. Andrews SGT US Army
Rondal H. Atkinson PFC US Army
Julian H. Austin Jr. PV2 US Army
Hermon L. Aycoth PV2 US Army
Russell Banks PV2 US Army
Dallas L. Barnes PFC US Army
William Barnhardt PFC US Army
Andrew H. Barrett PFC US Army
J. B. Barrett PFC US Army
Owen L. Bell CPL US Army
Jesse Bellamy PV2 US Army
Oscar Best CPL US Army
Henry E. Bradford CPL US Army
Charles Brantley CPL US Army
James J. Brown Jr. CPL US Army
William S. Brown SGT US Army
Dewey F. Buffkin CPL US Army
Worth L. Bunting CPL US Army
Millard Butler Jr. 1LT US Army
George Campbell PFC US Army

U. S. Navy

Please feel free to submit the names and photos of your servicemen that fought in Korea. Please include branch and rank. This page is in tribute to the many local servicemen from this area.

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